Dew Drop In

Dew Drop In


On a morning, just like this

Dew hanging out on the top of the grass

Chilling, lingering,

inviting me

to stay for just a moment more

Dew drop in...

Like it knew I was feeling the pull

To somewhere else

Anywhere else

Not here.

The dew sparkled

She caught my eye and winked

as the sun shone through her

Showing off.


Most of the time

Maybe always

Nature needs to be even more beautiful than

The thrill of a check

off our to-do list

The dew whispered

And I made a choice

To get closer

How could I not?

I mean, it was just polite.

The dew was singing to me

In the soaring whirr of a bluejay

The fly-by buzz of a hummingbird

Look closer
Look closer

What my aging eyes couldn’t see

My heart noticed

A little snail

A silent spiral

Lines on its shell just like mine

It stops, I start, it starts, I stop

An endless sequence of heart-bending dew dropping

Spiral swirling stillness.

An invitation.

If I just get close enough

And listen.