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Welcome to my online home. Get comfy, get cozy, 'cuz life isn't always so easy.
Together makes it better.


What makes life meaningful?
How can we stop being so mean to ourselves, and each other?
Why are french fries so *&$% delicious?


Break free of perfectionist thinking
Try new ideas on for size (elastic waistbands included!)
Get comfortable being uncomfortable (that's why we have elastic waistbands)


There's a reason why we call breathing inspiration.
How can we let go of our old stories to create new ones?
What's love got to do with it, anyhow?

About me

I first learned meditation when I was a freshman at Harvard College, and picked it up again while getting my MBA at Harvard Business School in the mid-90s.

Somehow I couldn't stop dropping it!

While my classmates were getting jobs (and stock options) in something called “the internet,” it seemed like a great idea to move to LA, especially after a foot of snow fell in Boston on April Fool's Day 1997.

So like any self-respecting Angeleno, I got an MFA in Screenwriting from UCLA and deepened my practice of yoga and meditation.

It didn't stop me from eating french fries.

Along the way I spent more than 25 years in senior roles in organizations including Radical Candor, Vistage, YPO and UCLA.

I'm a certified breathwork meditation teacher via my mentor David Elliott, six-time firewalker and certified teacher of the Search Inside Yourself program developed at Google. You can find some of my meditations on the Unplug and Simple Habit apps.

When I'm not traveling around the world, you'll find me moving from my bed to my desk (and back), training executives and teams in mindfulness, emotional intelligence and Radical Candor, where I'm currently Lead Coach and podcast host.

After decades of research, first-hand experience and profound transformation, it's time for me to share wisdom from experts across a wide range of healing traditions....

& a side of fries

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